Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[MOC] RC Trike

Overview :
  • Lego Technic MOC
  • completed 2013-12-15
  • 550 parts

The last of my 2013 updates : a RC Trike from Sillage.

It's inspired from the powerful 3-wheeled machines featured in the 13th Sillage Comic.

It's powered by an L motor that drives the back wheels through a differential.

The steering is operated by an M motor and features a return-to-center mechanism. The front wheel is attached to the body by a small turntable.

The two functions are remote controlled. The trike is quite fast and very manoeuvrable.

It features other details such as :
  • Light bluish gray body with a Lime stripe,
  • Front lights,
  • Fake engine cover,
  • Fake engine radiators,
  • Fake air intakes,
  • Mud guards on back wheels.

More pictures :

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