Saturday, April 5, 2014

[MOC] Micro-scale Haunted House

Overview :
  • Micro-Modular MOC
  • started January 2014
  • completed February 2014
  • 250 parts

Something new now : a micro-scale version of Lego's #10228 Haunted House.

Last Christmas, I gave my girlfriend, in my opinion, one of the best looking set Lego has ever produced as a present : Monster Fighters #10228 Haunted House. I love all the little details everywhere. It's truly gorgeous to expose.
I set upon myself the task to convert this set into a micro-scale version, using, as a basis for the scale, the micro-modular set (#10230). I did that for three reasons :
  • I love this (#10228) set (did I mention that already ?),
  • My girlfriend's birthday was coming,
  • We had a lot of fun putting #10230 together.

Specifications were as follows :
  • baseplate 8x8, scale 1:4 (as for micro-modular vs. modular buildings),
  • as faithful to the official set as possible,
  • as much details from the official set as possible.
This is my first micro-scale MOC.
I used a lot of the techniques used in #10230, mostly SNOT. It was the best option to include all the details in each floor : doors, windows, pillars... Being so small-scaled, it sadly doesn't open like the official set does.

This was also my first experience with the LDraw Family. I first used LDD to get the general shape and switched to MLCad to finalize the design and verify that everything was holding together. Instructions were then made using LPub.

Here are some detailed pictures of the different floors.

Instructions are freely available here. List of parts is available here.

More pictures :

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