Thursday, August 14, 2014

[MOC] Mosaic Link

Overview :
  • Mosaic MOC
  • Started January 2013
  • Finished March 2013
  • 514 parts
This was last year's present for my girlfriend : a mosaic of Link, from Nintendo's Zelda, the Wind Waker on GameCube (and now remastered on WiiU).

From the number of colors to use to the size of the mosaic, it took me about ten different trials to get the final design. I used only bricks I could buy on Lego's Pick-a-Brick, since I hadn't heard of any other way to get bricks at the time.

The base of the mosaic is a 48x48 baseplate. Link is built from 418 bricks (from 1x1 to 2x8), while the black background is built from 95 plates (from 1x1 to 4x12). There are 15 different colors of bricks in this mosaic.

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