Monday, July 28, 2014

[MOC] Light Saber Duel on Utapau

Overview :
  • Star Wars Light Saber Duel Diorama
  • started and finished July 2014
  • 238 parts
This is my entry for TechLUG's 11th Star Wars Contest : Light Saber Duel on Utapau.

The contest specifications were :
  • Minimum 8x8, maximum 12x12, no height restriction,
  • Only 1 scene depicted,
  • Characters consisting of official Minifigs or Minifigs made from other Minifig parts (No tweaked parts).
It's a simple diorama containing two minifigs duelling on a platform.

I chose this particular duel for a simple reason : I didn't have any of the minifigs required for the proposed duels and those two are in a cheap set right now. In addition, I love this new Grievous minifig.

The scene is set at the beginning of the duel. Obi-Wan just jumped from an above platform in the middle of the scene. Grievous grabs his four light sabers and starts to move towards Obi-Wan, spinning two of his four arms.

I used the two minifigs straight out of set #75040. They are very detailled. I switched two of Grievous Light Sabers to 2 Trans-Neon Green 6x6 disks to figure the spinning Light Sabers, to which I added 2 Silver 3x3 disks to figure the handles. In the movie, there is one blue and one green Light Saber spinning. Unfortunately, the Trans-Blue 6x6 disk is used in the UCS Imperial Star Destroyer and is therefore very expensive. That's why my little Grievous spins two Green Light Sabers instead of one of each color.

Details on the platform are hard to discern in the film. We only see that it's a narrow platform (They both jump off it shortly after). The details I gathered were the dark colored floor, lights on the side and the scars from the light sabers. It's very smooth otherwise.

The scars are made of Trans-Orange tiles slightly at an angle, between two 75° slopes. For the floor on the center to be at the same level as on the border, the SNOT bricks are 2L large, which makes the border 1 2/3 high. There are lights on the sides and supports underneath. The overall size is 12L x 12L x 5 1/3L (without the minifigs).

More Pictures :

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