Friday, May 15, 2015

[MOC] Kashyyyk Diorama

Overview :
  • Star Wars Diorama
  • started and finished April 2014
This is my entry for TechLUG's 11th Star Wars Contest: a Kashyyyk diorama.

The specifications for the contest were :
  • Build a scene or a place from Episode III happening on Kashyyyk,
  • No Empire vehicle allowed,
  • No more than 1000 parts,
  • Size limited to 16L by 16L by 24L high.
The one and only scene that speaks to me when I read this, is the opening scene on Kashyyyk, when we see the beach, the trees and the Wookie huts. This is the view I'm talking about:

I tried to recreate that view within the limitations of the contest.
The water is made of trans-clear and trans-light blue 1x2 and 1x1 round plates, built over an olive green base, to create the right color.

The beach has spikes, put up by the wookies to repel separatist vehicles.

There are also those strange pod-like plants on the beach, made of cones on inverted plates.

I made two trees, one at each corner of the back of the scene. Each has a huge trunk and some wookie huts.

That's it. Here are a few more pictures for verification of contest specifications:

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