Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[WIP] [Part 1] Star Wars Minifig Collection

  • Star Wars MOC,
  • Started March 2015,
  • Finished... One day, I hope,
  • Over 2000 parts per trilogy, at the moment.
This is my Star Wars Minifig Collection.

I recently started to organize my Minifigs that were laying around. It quickly snowballed into a new project of collecting the 100 most important characters of each Star Wars Trilogy. Why 100 ? Because that's how much there are from each trilogy (I counted them myself watching the movies). And as it turns out, that fits well onto 4 32x32 basplates, with 7 rows of 15 slots each. Some of the characters take multiple spots (Jabba the Hutt, General Grievous...). At the end, the goal is to frame these Minifigs and put them on a wall for everyone to see.

Each frame is composed of 4 32x32 baseplates. On it fit 7 rows of 15 slots each. Each row is composed of bricks with studs on the side to put minifigs on. In front of each minifig is a 1x4 tile with its name engraved on it, and under it, one to three 1x1 round tiles with the movie in which the Minifig appears in engraved on it. The rows are mostly black, except for the brick with studs on the side (light bluish gray) and the 1x1 round tiles (flat silver) which don't exist in black.

Here is a test row that I built to test its strengh.

The Minifigs are grouped by place of appearance in the movies, and that place/battle is reprensented behind the minifigs. For places/battles with a lot of Minifigs (like Tatooine or Endor's moon), the background goes through the rows.

Here is where I'm at for the Original Trilogy, at the moment. First is the distribution of the Minifigs and then the first Mockup on LDD.

The backgrounds of Hoth, Cloud City, Death Star II and Endor have to be improved.

I've ordered the bricks to build the rows and I will update soon.

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